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Shiv Shankar


After leading an IT agency for over a decade, I have frequently encountered a persistent challenge that demands a solution. It's the backups. Every time I bring up the topic of backups. The clients resort to a janky solution.

Below are the top 2 solutions adopted by the companies.

Solution 1: Manual Backups by IT Administrator


  • Gets the job done


  • Opportunity Cost
  • Human Errors
  • Slow

Solution 2: Using cron jobs.


  • Quick
  • One-time engineering cost


  • The backup script can fail in some scenarios
  • No backup verification in most cases

Some script failure scenarios

  • Cron jobs have been reset
  • Ransomware mutating the script
  • Python 3.6-based backup script fails as the admin installs Python 3.7 for another project.

In both these solutions, there exist other problems

1. Reliability

No way to ensure the backup was successful.

2. Protection

Vulnerable to ransomware, virus, hardware failure, platform suspension, and human error.

3. Security

No encryption. Susceptible to data leaks & misuses.

4. Replication

No redundancy. All data is in one local drive. Failure of the hard drive is an easy gateway to disaster. Backups errors cost a fortune and can severely damage a company's reputation. What is even worse? It is the end users. Imagine if Notion lost their weeks of backups. All their customers lose their previous weeks of work along with it.

At Petti, we address these issues by delivering a high-quality one-stop backup solution for any use case. It involves building an all-in-one dashboard that enables users to reliably manage & restore backups for any platform with just a few clicks.