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Effortless Database Backups

Easy to use, secure, and fast. Modern way to backup your db's.

Trusted by 5+ leading institutions & organizations

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Integrates with the most loved RDBMS

Microsoft SQL Server

Effortless One Time Setup

Petti streamlines SQL Server backup processes, reducing the burden on your IT team. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks with our one-time setup and configuration. After that, Petti takes care of the rest.

Petti Backup Client - Config

Centralized Management Dashboard

Effortlessly manage backups for hundreds of SQL Servers from one user-friendly dashboard. It's designed for both technical and non-technical users.

Restore Db

Advanced Data Protection Suite

Empower your business with Petti's advanced data protection suite, combining in-built cloud storage, flexible retention policies, and triple data center protection. Safeguard your critical data with ease and confidence.

Cloud Storage

Restore with Confidence

Petti rigorously tests backups for corruptions using checksum verifications. Your backups are always restorable, ensuring data integrity.

Restore Db

No More Accidental Deletions

Bid farewell to accidental data deletions. Petti eliminates the 'delete' button, preserving backups until the configured retention period lapses.

Prevent Deletion

Secure Backup Monitoring

Stay ahead of issues with Petti's secure backup monitoring. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with zero-knowledge encryption and instant email alerts, ensuring your data remains protected at all times.


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