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Petti 2.0.0 Release Highlights

· 2 min read
Shiv Shankar

Vanakkam 🙏,

I am excited to announce that Petti 2.0.0 is up! We have implemented the previously requested features in this release because we love to serve our kings A.K.A customers.

  • Support multiple database backups under a single integration: You no longer have to create separate integrations for each database. Now, all of them sit under one roof (integration) making it very easy to manage all db backups.
  • Set backup frequency (Daily, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, Hourly, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours). Frequency change will reflect in less than 2 minutes on the backup agent.
  • Added email alerts for critical updates such as
    • when snapshot fails
    • when the backup agent goes offline
    • when the backup agent comes online
  • Dashboard UI/UX Updates
    • Filter snapshots by database name
    • Allow backup name editing
    • More info on backup
      • Display SQL Server Backup Strategy [ex: Full backup (Copy Only)]
      • Display no. of snapshots
    • More info on snapshot
      • Display database name
      • Display time of snapshot
  • Petti's Windows Client now displays a "Server Not Reachable" warning when the agent is connected but cannot communicate with the backend. Notifying this to our support will speed up in troubleshooting errors.

Happy Tuesday.

Best, Shiv.