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1 TB Database Support, Snapshot Downloader, and more

· One min read
Shiv Shankar

Vanakkam 🙏,

I am happy to announce that we officially support snapshot sizes up to 1 TB (976 Gib), overcoming our prior support of 5 GB databases. To manage large databases effectively, we are introducing a new Windows application - Snapshot Downloader (SD).

SD is an essential tool for downloading large backups directly on-premise infrastructure. It supports features like parallel downloading, intelligent resuming, fast decryption, and more. All download speeds get amplified by downloading via multiple socket streams.

More on SD will be uncovered in the coming weeks. For now, you can download the latest version from the Downloads page.

Other notable changes include:

  • Downloaded snapshots name now represent backup type & timestamp for better identification.
    • Old Naming: Db_x.bak
    • New Naming: Db_Full_2023-12-06_12-00-00.123__x.bak
  • Petti Client: Migrate to a job-based backup mechanism for superior robustness. The client will now keep the necessary data on the drive until each step of the job is executed successfully. It also eliminates issues caused by disk crashes & poor bandwidth.
  • Improve snapshot download speeds on the browser.