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Differential & Transaction Log Backups are live

· 2 min read
Shiv Shankar

Happy morning Kings,

I am delighted to announce that we officially support differential & transaction log backups. These backups are incremental and can be used to restore the database to a specific point in time.

To integrate, you need no changes on your end. Just modify the backup schedule to your preference from the dashboard. Our client sets your database to full recovery mode and automatically takes a full backup on the first run to ensure consistent LSNs.

Other changes include:

  • Support combined scheduling of full, differential, & transaction log backups.
  • Downloaded snapshots now has different file extension based on the backup type.
    • Full .bak
    • Differential .diff
    • Transaction Log .trn
  • Dashboard & SD now display the backup type of the snapshot.
  • Backup Client now backs off for an hour if the job step fails 5 times in a row to avoid exceeding API rate limits.
  • Improved telemetry to troubleshoot backup client issues.
  • Improved crypto speeds.
    • ~53% faster AES 256 encryption & decryption
    • ~40% faster SHA-256 checksum calculation
  • Snapshot Downloader (SD):
    • Migrated to file size based verification for faster integrity checks.
    • Minimized UI overflow glitch when snapshots get added to download list.

Majority of the feature recommendations are from our users, as seen in Roadmap. We are grateful for your feedback and support. As always, we love our users and are committed to making Petti the best backup solution for your business.