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Getting Started

Let's discover Petti in less than 5 minutes.

Signing up

You can sign up by visiting the dashboard at

Downloading your Saavi (Private Key)

Saavi is a private key for the encryption of your backups. You can click the Download Saavi button to download your default Saavi. File (petti_default.saavi) will be downloaded. Keep it safe and secure.

Adding your first server

  1. Login to the dashboard and click on the Add Server button in the top right corner of the Servers card.

    Petti:Dashboard - Create Backup Form
  2. Fill in the name. This is the name of the server you are adding. It can be any name you like. It is used to identify the server in the dashboard.

  3. Select the Platform you wish to backup and hit the Add button.

    Petti:Dashboard - New Backup Offline
  4. Server is added successfully. You can proceed with the integration for the appropriate platform.